Saturday, August 17, 2013

Riga Day 3- Jürmala

 The temperature in Riga was hitting +30 on our third day, so we decided to head to Jürmala,
 beach area near of Riga!
First we checked one mall and ended up eating delicious tapas plates in there. 

 In central railway station of Riga confusion hit us: Which train would go to Jürmala?!
Ticket seller didn't help us at all. 

 Finally one kind soul told us the right train and we were ready to go!
(Note to self. If you want advices in english in Riga, ask from young women!)

 Train wasn't too well air conditioned.

As we found out later, Jürmala didn't have one main railwaystation, but little town-names. 
After asking help once again, another kind soul draw us a little note-map where to go! 

 Main Beach Bulevard in Majori.

  Only right snack-choise of the heat = Ice cream

 "Huh? Wait, is that a ... "
 "... BEACH?!"

Next, I'll make you all suffer from jealous-growing-beach-photos! 
Prepare yourselves!

 We also tested a Beach Lounge that included chairs, umbrellas, table and use of swimming pool.
 It was a sweet luxury!

 After running after previous train and getting all sweaty again,
we finally caught next one and travelled back to Riga. 

 Even though it was already something around 9 pm, it was still perfect temperature to eat outside.
We tried KID-restaurant across the street of our hotel. 
 Delicious, cheap, and great service! 

We recommend! 

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