Wednesday, August 14, 2013


My cock is much bigger than yours

My cock can walk right through a door 

With a feeling so pure~

It's got you screaming back for more!
System of a Down-Cigaro 

~ ~
So, if you didn't guess it yet, I was moshing my head off in Jurassic Rock Festival last
Sunday, with my sweetie Jippi! 

Because of the fear breaking my camera in the crowd of metal-people,
 I only have couple of crappy photos taken by Iphone this time.
Try to stand them!

Surpisingly delicious festival-food!

The yard in front of the Main Stage was smelling awful
since it was basically only old mud. 

Though the waiting was a pain, sun was still shining!

A little clip from the concert itself. I was so scared
for my phone,
 I was so sure someone
would smack me and destroy it! 
The stage somewhen 09.30 pm after the show. 

Our bus left from Mikkeli at 01:55 so we had hours of time to wait for it... 
Mikkeli had suprisingly spooky beautiful church! 

Though I was able to sleep in the bus it wasn't nearly enough. 
Miki took beautiful sneak peak of me sleeping. 

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