Monday, August 12, 2013

Riga Day 02

After delicious hotel breakfast we decided to take few outfit-photos and head to Riga Zoo!

We had found amazingly decayed courtyard previous day and decided to use that. 

"C'moon, give some attitude! Be a Gangsta!" Tupac would be proud of me... 

Shortly after the photo a man came to tell us to leave since weren't living in the area. Courtyard was all open and we didn't photograph people, but well, local people men seemed to hate cameras. 

We took Tram 11 to Riga Zoo and first thing we did was eating. Which makes me happy we did it before seeing the animals... 

Have you guys ever visited in Korkeasaari Zoo? Seen cages of, well, for example cat-animals 
or eagles? We've got used to that kind of cages, so this Zoo was quite a shock for us. 
 Teeny tiny room (with hardly any water) for penguins. 
 Miki didn't feel like fininsh the ice cream anymore. 

 Room for two hippos.
 One cage for lynx. 
 No freedom eagle here. 
 SOME of the animals got pretty nice conditions...
 When some, same-sized buddies had barely any space or cover, not even mentioning the ability to fly. 

 Ice bear with no cover of sun, or any kind of cold recover. 

Even the lion was super skinny?! 

No-one warned us about the Zoo, so we'd like to inform people not to waster their money there, even though it was quite cheap place (no wonder...). 

After depressing Zoo we headed back to heating hot city. 

Only rainbow we found from Riga! Latvia is not too tolerant for gay people, so here we actually dared to kiss! 
Biggest Market Place in Riga

 Watermelon we got for free because kind seller-man couldn't speak any english :D

Ride that costs us twice more than we were promised. Stupid modest finnish people, we didn't dare to complain. 

Amber rings we got as souvenirs for ourselves~

I also bought good cheese, but since we had no knifes etc in the hotel room I had to eat it like barbarian...  

Bubble-bath from Lush! 

Bubble-bath was for relaxment, but also for little photoshoots in the evening! Check results from here

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