Monday, December 31, 2012


Last pictures from Christmassy-time! 
So first, we had Little Christmas Party 22th day at Ruuska's
place in Tampere.  Whole B-Mafia was there~! 

Couple of photos from Ruuska's apartment, he had 
such a cool bachelor pad. 

Our theme of clothing was "something black and glittering, 
little mafia-like". Ruuska and Miki were classy~.

 ... And I was something else. Notice the pink socks!

Hair was really nice to wash clean next day... 

Ruuska and me doing the most important thing of the evening, 
setting the food on the serving!

Me being a "Secret Santa" and sharing the gifts. 

Bobo, Ruuska and Jaana. 

Little messed up group picture! 
From left: Erika, Jaana, Me, Santsu and on the front Ruuska. 

Miki and Bobo added to photo, Smile~! 

Next day we headed to Jyväskylä. 
There are only few pictures since I had to wait for my new
camera as a gift and in the end I didn't have right memory
card to it... Classical Me. 
Anyways, I had good and traditional Christmas
with my family! 

Mum loves decorating and her and Jukka's apartment was looking

I love Four Resons' products. 

Beautiful jewerly I got from Santsu and Secret Santa. 

Amnesty- Donation-Gift I got from Ruuska. 

Ish there a problem officer? 

Also, something "FUN" that happened to me on my way
at home. 

I'll be working through the New Year so there won't be 
any photos from it. But everyone else, have fun and 
enjoy! Don't burn your fingers! 

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