Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre-Christmas Pictures

It's been almost two weeks without updating, I'm so sorry! 
Of course everyone's busy and stressed, so it's not any
kind of excuse... 
Anyways, here are some christmassy pictures to prove
that I've actually done something!~


Reindeer-blanket, brought last year

Belle and delicious finger

I've done tons of fudge this year. 
This is white chocolate fudge with cranberries and almond

Milk chocolate and hazelnut- fudge

Rocky Road Fudge

Dark chocolate- pistachio fudge

I made fudges to be little present bags for family members.
Miki helped me, of course! 

We exchanged our christmas presents with Miki already, here is 
what she got for me. Especially art-stuff is needed and 

Next update will be after christmas! Everyone enjoy of 
your holidays!~