Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little trip to Tallinn!

The whole January has been little depressing and dull to both 
Miki and me ( I hope it explains the silence in my blog, I'm
sorry anyway!), so last week we decided to cheer each
other up with little ship cruising to Tallin, Estonia.

It was freezing but sunny day, view to ocean was stunning! 

I've never been a cruising-person. Ship itself wasnt too fancy and
it was cold even inside, but somehow we managed to spend our
time there without drinking and alcohol ... 

Finally in Tallin! 

Miki was clearly excited too. 
Next, some photos of beautiful, Middle Ages buildings from 
Old City part of Tallin ~

Cheap and pretty coffee & tea-shop we visited. 

Translation: "From Morning till Night Fresh Alive Beer". 
Google translation's been used, maybe? 

It was a short, but nice trip. We we planning to make another 
one to Tallin maybe in summer and really plan the whole


To everyone's entertainment, Ruuska is hot 
war-hat! Woohoo! 

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