Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tracon 2012

Tracon is one of our favorite cons, though we only 
spent a saturday there this year (due to my work-
We left Friday early towards Tampere!

We rented a room from Dream Hostel, which is cheap
place near Tampere-Talo. Reino & Aino was our
 so-called Honeymoon-suite...

... As you can see, really cozy :'D Well, it was only
for sleeping, so it was okey. 

We had lots of time on Friday, so we decided to
shop and go to movies. To our suprise, a mall
Koskikeskus had awesome shoeshop called

So I tried one shoes...

... And anothers...

... And since there was "Buy 3, pay 2"-sale, 
I got third pairs too!

New High Heels and Day's Outfit.

After spending (too much) money, we went to 
see Disney's Brave. 

The Graphics of the movie were just amazing,
and sure, storyline was great too :D


We put our cosplay-clothes ready for Saturday. 
So much white... 

Aaand here is part of the make up down!

Laptop was really helpful while doing the hair. 

Groom dressing up for his big day. 

We sure had a lot of luggage!

Jaana was cosplaying Madame Red, Santeri was
adorable herself :D
Jaana was dropping feathers everywhere, like
into Santsu's coffee. 

Pretty ladies in dresses~


Cute little Castiel. I just wanted to cuddle him!

For people outside of Finland, this cosplay tells 

For comparing, here is original Morso, a character
from Children's TV-show. He is supposed to
be some kind of farm animal, but who could
tell which one? He was only freaking out 
all the innocent children!

Medusa from Soul Eater

                                                       Weather was little depressing but well,
                                                      Tampere-Talo is perfect building for 
                                                              con-people, so it was okey.

These two sweeties were cosplaying Mister Sato and 
Amon from Legend of Korra. You can find 
them from tumblr: 


Supernatural was popular this year. 
Sam, Dean and Castiel. 

We even found our awesome Gurren Lagann-group. 
I wish I had this pillow, though Miki was not impressed
(shh, she actually was!) 

Panty and The Stocking-cosplay.
Stockings turned out to be Laura from my class, 
man I was suprised :D 

Gurren Lagann Group-Cosplay-pictures. 

These two pics together are interesting o_o.

They were awesome people! 

After hanging in con for a while, Miki wanted to 
photograph Jaana's beautiful outfit with her 
System Camera in front of Orthodox Church.

It was raining a lot, but pics were finally succesfully
taken and we escaped before the real Wedding 
at the place began!

Sieggu, Pahisman and Dynsse had already changed
their outfits when we were leaving from Tracon. 
Well, still had time to take couple of group-

Last Sweet Pie- Outstanding Kurohitsuji-pair!

I repeat myself, we loved this year's Tracon and we
wished we could've spent our Sunday there
too! Thank you all ! <3


I'll have some excitment next weekend too,
because there's going to be Placebo 
playing in Jäähalli, Helsinki o/ 

Ruuska's going to be my company. I wish I could 
take my camera with me to take some memorial
pictures of the Concert, but I think I'll rather 
have 100% fun without scaring that I'll
break the camera :DD 

Till the next time! <3

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