Sunday, September 2, 2012

Local School Trips

Ladies and Gentlemen! It's been a while since I
updated last time, school and work have kept
me busy. 
Anyway, our Paint & Drawing-teacher took
us to couple of art museums in Helsinki. 
Kiasma is the classic, and I didnt mind going there
at all because I haven't seen the newest art in there.

Theme in Kiasma was Camouflage and Comic. 

Stunning photos of Norwegian people. 

A chair designed by Alvar Aalto, surronded 
by ram horns. 

Amazing animal-themed works. 

Sweet child-model... 

... with slightly confusing mask. 

Hanna was enjoying the culture :D . 

Texts from real posters of Wall Street Protest. 

All the visitors were able to buy one of those
fists (2€), and try to destroy this shadow of
a man with the fist. Cool art protest! 

One of my favorite finnish artist, Katja Tukiainen, 
had painted one room full of her pink art. Btw, 
eyes of the unicorn were flashing all the time. 
Something confusing again, though it was 
well explained.

Huge hanging crosses full of comics. 

Full comic sewed on the fabric. The story was
well explained next to the art.

After Kiasma, we also visited Contemporary Art
Gallery. Art there was really modern and... Well, 
not so touching, for my opinion.

After all the culture, we decided to have some 
lunch in Tennispalatsi Coffee. 

Basic Latte and filled Croissant.
Kind of expensive, but delicious!

Company was with Hanna


and Annie!


I am pretty proud of myself cause all the pictures
in the update were photographed AND photo-
shopped by me o/ Woohoo!

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