Monday, September 10, 2012

The Cosplay

I've promised before to explain my cosplay-hobby. 
So now, after Tracon 2012, I decided to dig
all the skeletons from closet and add them online!

In Animecon 2007 was my first cosplay Bossa Nova-
kun from Ouran High School Host Club.

I chose the character because I had rastas back then,
so I didnt have to fight with a wig :'D

Son Goku from Dragonball used to be my 
favorite anime character ever. 
I cosplayed him in Finland Animecon
2008 and 2009.

First two from year 2008

And these last ones from year 2009.
I also cosplayed Cross Epoch version of 
Goku in Desucon 2010. 

Every cosplay we do need a kiss-picture <3. 

Basic Goku again in Tracon 2010

After cosplaying Goku so many years, I needed to try
something new. I found my perfect soulmate from
One Piece, character called Usopp. 
I was him in Animecon and Tracon 2011. 

The nose was simply amazing!

Jaana as Boa Hancock (her blog: ) 
And Miki as Sanji (her blog:

In Desucon Frostbite 2012 I cosplayed at the same time 
Genderbender Usopp and Usopp's Drum Island-outfit.

Milja was cosplaying Drum Island Zoro with me!


... But sport kept us warm!

This year I've been cosplaying Kittan from
Gurren Lagann. 
So I was him in Desucon 2012.

Comfortable and simple outfit, I love it!

I was also Kittan in Tracon 2012 last weekend, 
we just did a Wedding version of them with
Miki <3. 

I am not pro-cosplayer, I know it very well. I like
comfortable cosplays and characters that fit
my personality. Also, since I'm not model-sized
or girly in any other way, male-characters fit
me the best. 

So what next? Miki and Jaana are doing
Panty and the Stockings-cosplay in next
Frostbite 2013, and naturally I'll be
part of the group- Brief. 

I'll need a wig.. Too bad, I wish I could have a hair like
he does :D 

A complete update of Tracon-weekend is coming!

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