Monday, January 26, 2015


Last post was updated one year ago, wasnt it? 
Damn I've been lazy. But havent deleted this blog either. 

Nyt kuitenkin vaihdan äidinkieleen, sillä yritän herätellä postausintoani 
vanhalla kunnon sarjisblogilla. Ja ah, aloittaminen onkin tuntunut 
hyvältä. Tyhmien juttujen piirrustelu on vaan meikäläisen juttu. 

Jos satut siis lukaisemaan tätä postausta, kipin kapin  alla olevan 
kuvan linkin kautta sarjisblogini HOMO-KANASEN SEIKKAILUT  !! 

Ryhis kiittää ja kumartaa <3 
And I shall bow and thank <3

Monday, January 27, 2014

Freezing Days of Turku

Hi buddies! Drinking tea and blowing to your cold fingers right now? Yeah, so am I. Winter's just not my thing, not a bit. 

The weather was little bit easier to bare a week ago since we took a train to Turku to see Santtu's new flat. Apartment was sweet as ever and Santtu was showing us great places in the city! We're surely going to visit there again, probaply next summer~

The light was just perfect for photographing! Aurariver as our background, naturally. 

Artistic as fuck

Delicious salmon bread at Art Cafe.

Santtu booked us a table from Di Trevi.

Seafood Paella

Lights were so beautiful at night~

Thank you Santtu for hosting and Ruuska for company <3 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmassy Stuff

So the post of Christmas is here, just like I promised! 

First, gifts I got from Miki. The most fabulous-looking jacket ever, 
and below some beauty-and fandom-stuff! Love them <3 

I didn't bake as much as last year, but still decided to try Cookies and Cream-fudges for our traditional 

They looked fine, but of course I forgot them to the fridge when we ran to train... Curse it. 

Even without the fudges, we arrived happily to Tampere! Our theme was revealing clothing, everybody fullfilling it in the way they wanted!  

To replace the fudges, I just melted some milk chocolate and sprinkled marshmallows and salted peanuts on it, creating Rocky Road Chocolate!

We had a great time as always, thanks gals <3 !

From Tampere I headed to Jyväskylä. I beg forgivness for the quality of the photos, Iphone Camera isn't the best option to use in dark house ;_; 

Since the youngest child of the family is 15-years-old, we didn't have Santa Claus ordered. Roope still volunteered to share the presents and mum also found old Santa's mask for him to wear. 
He looks so fab, doesn't he??

My favourite present from Mum, newest Khaled Hosseini. I don't have words to describe how good writer he is! 

Last, but not the Least: 

Romantic kiss-photo of New Year gone terribly wrong! 
(Corner of my glasses hit Miki in her eye)

I wish great beginning of New Year to all of you!~

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Animation, I love ya

Long and stressful fall is almost over. The secret project me and Miki have been working 
with since March is starting to get some results, so I can 
spend my upcoming christmas-vacation in peace! 

Anyways, our class was introduced with Dragon Frame- stopmotion-studio 
last week. One of the photography-classes was repaired only for stop-motion! 
We had little practise with modeling clay.  

Dragon Frame-program. It feels so easy and simple after 3DMax! <3

 Jenna as my partner.

The result of the stop motion-animation was like straight from Pikku Kakkonen, but it was loads of fun! 
We animated 10 seconds with Jenna, and it took 2 hours from us. Patience is needed, but I dont mind! 

We've had extra classes with Illustrator too. Our class is supposed to create own online-game, 
and naturally I'm in animators' group. Here are some character designs I've made for
the game so far. 

The unicorn Sateenkaari Seppo is my personal favourite. 

(Also by Illustrator)

Next update is going to be of Christmas, naturally! 

Enjoy of your holidays, sweeties!~

Monday, November 18, 2013

Few new animations

Animation I made weeks ago, but got the edition with 
audio just a while ago! I love the yell of the guy :D

Toon Boom-Stop Motion-mix up with Miki as my model. 
Song I used is Modest Mouse's Whale Song. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Stockholm Trip, Day o3

Time for the last Stockholm-day! 11.00 am we had to say goodbye to our Hostel. 
We still had whole day to spend since our flight was leaving 9.30 pm! 

German Church

We had bought a ticket for King's Castle on friday, and it was still applicable on sunday. 

Only group-photo that included us all! 

Miniature of the castle. 

Cafe Muren

Ruuska is in love with Geocaching, and she also found few from Stockholm!

Buying few souvenirs from Design shop

Miki checking the selection of Science Fiction BOKHANDELN one last time!

Most of the time we spent in T.G.I Fridays
awesome american restaurant we tested with Miki in Riga! 

Dessert was little bit too much for Ruuska :D

One last photo from Airport (Jaana took the picture ;_; ) 

Thank you babes for the great travel-company! You're the best!~