Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stockholm Trip, Day o2

After sleeping one nasty night in hostel (pillows were sucky, plus I didn't have earplugs...) we woke up into sunny Saturday morning and moved ourselves to Under Kastanjen-cafe for breakfast.  

My brain wasn't working too well without coffee, and when cashier asked would I like to have big or small breakfast, I ordered big one... REALLY BIG ONE. Huge cup of yogurt, 4 pieces of bread and egg. I hardly finished half of the meal :D

Getting ready to move!

Antique Map Store

Some kind of antique marine-shop, I didn't catch the name?...

My favourite shop was called Hey Selma. Loads of beautiful and hipster-like stuff, also local design! 

Little different kind of nightclub! Someday I want to try that!

Santtu, Ruuska and me headed to Photographic Museum. 

Paolo Roversi

Pieter Hugo

Supercool thermos-mugs, which I couldnt buy cause they almost had the Canon-logo instead of Nikon :[

After museum we headed back to hostel and started to look for good restaurants where to eat. 

Hostel had sucky wifi and crazy computers, that didn't have any normal server </3
Well, we still found italian restaurant near by and booked a table! 

Though the restaurant Da Peppe was one of the cheapest italian ones, it was still really fancy! Service and food were excellent!

IDK, I just like the goose

DINOSAURS! The store was already closed, which was propably a savior for my wallet! 

After the italian food, we wanted to have few drinks somewhere. Most of the nice, quiet places were full in Old Town, but Cafe Cronan had space and we spent couple of hours there gossiping and wondering big mysteries of life. 

Beer makes Ruuska emotional. 

Fab Miki

Fab Ruuska

Many tourist guides tell that even late in the night, Stockholm streets (especially in Old Town) are safe to walk. It sure felt like that. I actually enjoyed darkness there, city was full of feeling~

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