Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stockholm Trip, Day o1

The most waited event of this fall, weekend-trip to Stockholm!
We were breaking all the finnish, social rules and actually flought there instead of a cruise :D 

Our hostel, Castanea, had perfect location in the middle of the Old Town. 

Public rooms, really cozy!

Our 6 person-dorm. There were 5 of us so both nights there was one unfortunate soul sharing the room with us... 

The awards and nominations are talking for themselves. I can only recommend!

View was excellent too, (besides nude granma) we were able to stalk old gay-couple across  the street <3 ~~ 

My companions <3

Jaana and Miki~

Few pics from store Irik Hantverk:

Comicstore in the middle of the Old Town? Oh it so warmed my nerdy heart!

I missed the name of this desing shop, forgive me ;__;

Geez that jacket makes me look like a meatball

Halloween-photos, yay!


There are Espresso houses in every corner in Stockholm. Not bad at all!

Lenam Sweden

Monkis were so big in Stockholm, me happy!