Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Brother getting all Big and Old

Great summer holidays to everyone! I hope you''ve spent relaxing vacation and enjoyed of the heat!
I've been working all summer, but was able to throw my siwa-uniform to aside last wednesday. 

I travelled to Jyväskylä to prepare my little brother Roope's confirmation party. Beside all the preparing, we had time to get tanned on the beach a little too, thank god! 

 Communion Wine was little bit too bitter for Roope :D

 Daughter of my Mother's Fiance, Jenna, had confirmation and the party at the same time with Roope. 

All the siblings (from same father)

Mum and me~

"Nyt on naimalupa, vaikka emmää oo siihen lupaa ennenkää kysyny!" 

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