Sunday, April 7, 2013

Long, Long March

Finally, some freetime! Moving to new apartment, finishing all
the entrace exams, studying and starting to work in new
store... I will pretty exhausted right now. 

Anyways, we went to the opening of New Yorker in Itis and found
awesome clothes from there!  

Whole outfit (expect the shoes) from New Yorker.

Jacket from Bikbok. 

Earrings were birthday-gift from Miki and her Mother, 
from Glitter. 

Miki was wearing high heels, we look odd 8D 

Miki's Hipster-sunglasses!

Globe I dived from our new trash shed.

HONOUR IS TRANSIENT. Inspiring piece of paper at our
closet door. 



Belle waiting for our guests.

Jippi and Ruuska, first ones to arrive!

 Our Housewarming Party was quite special since it was at the 
same time mine, Bobo's and Jaana's birthday too!

Birthday-cake Miki baked and decorated <3 

Berry-drinks I made by Blender. 

Jaana and Erika

Bobo, Ruuska and Samuel 

Miki, Jippi, Bobo and Ruuska

Bobo got a namesake-magazine!

Bobo as a... Drag Queen?

What the hell? 

Jaana, so fabulous!

 Next day we went to Helsinki's Gay
Theatre to see a play called Corpus Christi
It was amazing and actors were so good (and hot, hehe) !!

After cultural experience, we were dying in hunger. Vapiano 
in Kaisaniemi was perfect place, as always. 

Honeys <3 

More and less beautiful pair-pictures. 


Poola Kataryna-earrings from Santtu. Finally I have 
real finnish design, I'm so proud!

Beautiful Birthday-card and thermosmug from Ruuska and Bobo! 

Pepper&Salt-shakers and soap bottle from Jippi! 

Thank you everyone for the party and gifts! You're the best!!


  1. Hienoi kuvii taasen : D Toi Katoavaa on kunnia on erityisen sykähdyttävä!

    Ja onnea muuten uuteen kämppään! Toi Homo-teatteri kuulostaa muuten mielenkiintoiselta, vois mennä itekki joskus! : D

  2. Kiitos kiitos! Sisustuskuvia olisi voinut laittaa enemmänkin, mutta kun Miki talon naisena vastaa melkein kaikesta siihen liittyvästä niin en halua viedä kunniaa 8D

    Homoteatteri oli kyllä sellainen mitä suosittelen todella lämpimästi, liputkaan eivät olleet kuin 25€ per nokka! Toi Corpus Christi näytelmä loppui jo, mutta ainakin marraskuussa on tulossa Näytelmäsovitus kirjasta Viinakortti, kandee googlata jos et tiedä kirjaa ;)