Sunday, February 24, 2013

Entrace Exams

So this comic is from last spring, from Metropolia Academy's
Entrace Exams.  
Translation to both pages: 
Basically, we had HUGE stress doing
the exams and I still managed to screw
up even worse than Miki- When one exam 
required a word "Cake Factory" on it's 
poster, I (for some RIDICILOUS reason) 
wrote "Cake Gallery", and of course
returned the exam without noticing the 
mistake. Well, this was last year.  

... And here's something from this year's 
exams, done at home. 

So once again, word "Fly Carneval" changed in 
my mind into "Fly Festival". I AM HOPELESS. 

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  1. voi ei ei sais nauraa! *tirsk* menenpä päivittään oman blogini pitkästä aikaa