Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20- 1100°C Art Exhibition

This update is about my oldest childhood friend
Jippi's work and my play when I visited the
opening of her class's Art Exhibition on
Sanomatalo, Helsinki. 

Students had done lot of sculptures of bronze, iron and marble. 
Everyone had put so much effort on their works!

Jippi herself <3 
Of course I have to put her works here too, they deserve
all the fame they can get~


Sininen maisema- Blue Landscape


Näkyvästi piilossa- Showingly hidden

Aseista vahvin- Strongest of the Weapons

Oma maailma- Own world
Istuen- Sitting
Here are some random works from other artists too, I'm
trying to memorize the names of artists and arts, but
propably I''ll edit names here later.

Sanni Turkkila
Sanni Turkkila

Sanni Turkkila

Amazing, huh? Here's also a trailer of the exhibition! ~

Not quite my outfit from yesterday, but shirt from fleamarket
was part of it I wore!

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