Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Berlin Baby!

Try to stand the picture-vomit, I tried to prune all boring travel-
pictures away but it's so hard, I love Berlin so much! ~
TV-Tower, the classic. 

Barcomi's Lounge Yard 

Of course we had to check local gay-shops!

Bernauer Strasse, Santsu's neighborhood. 

Art from Checkpoint Charlie


Santsu, Ruuska and Berliner Dom. 

Bradenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial. 

Pictures were pretty creepy at night without 
using camera's flash. 

Fabulous Ruuska at fabulous Sony's Center was fabulous!

Eko Cafe Santsu took us to breakfast. 

Delicious,classy and cheap vietnamese.

Recycle Shop called o.k

Design Shop La Soda Mitte


American restaurant White Trash Fast Food

Few pictures of the Menu, would you like to fart like a King

Candles and pencil holder from o.k !

Coffee mug from East Side Gallery-store. 

... And macarons for Miki that crashed on the way. 
Story of my life, guys! 

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