Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair Mess and Beauty Show

So, basically I tried to dye my hair silver gray.  Jaana bought
me silver colour from Japan and I was ready to try 
something new. Above is my original hair. 

Hair was already pretty blonde so the colour was easy to 
remove from the top of the head. 

Sides were little darker, though. 

So here's Palty's colour for men. I't supposed to be easy
and it's really common in Japan.  

We found directions from ebay and they were easy- 
Mix everything up and shake well! 

Interesting colour, eh? 

We followed directions but soon my hair started to look,
well, really, really dark! 

It also seemed pretty purple and to my horror, it had
shades of blue. 

Hair was waayyy too blue for my taste. For anyone's 

Colour was also really uneven, darker parts of my hair 
didnt catch it at all... 

--- What a disaster!!-- 

Well, already after couple of days blue and purple shades 
are dissapearing and my hair is more gray now, thank god!
Here are the products that I'm using, and they seem to work
really well! Let's wish it'll turn out well ! 
But now, to the event of Finland's Fashion & Beauty Show in 
Messukeskus! I dont have much pictures since Miki
was the one who was holding the camera all the time
and she'll update better of the show, just check it
from her blog ;D

So much real fur, ugh!!

Awesome and pretty cheap discovery, hipster-pullover! 

Some girl's beautiful hair. 

Miki checking eyelashes and all the other girly stuff. 

Over 100€ from a shirt is unfortunately too much for me...

Kooky Gems-jewerly, I swear I will order earrings from 
them some day! 

There was  catwalks too, and my personal favorite was 
Samuji's clothes.

Orange & Black = LOVE. 

Duckface and Ghost. 

Saimi Hoyer was giving interviews.  She has so much charisma!

We also saw Teuvo Loman. Even though I don't prefer the
shows were he is, I still kinda look up to him after reading
his hard years as homosexual, orphan boy. 

We wanted to try something really different for me to wear,
so here is how Miki styled. me. I especially like the 

Both shirts and dress are from Ginta Tricot, 
necklace from Lindex.  

Hair is looking a little better, right? 

Miki's outfit <3 

Here's new adorable pullover I bought, I love it so much! 

'till the next time, dear readers! <3

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