Thursday, October 18, 2012

Greetings from Countryside!

I'm spending my fall vacation from school so I packed my 
stuff and traveled to Jyväskylä where my mum and little 
brother live.  On Sunday, mum drove us 100 km to north to Viitasaari, 
little town where I spent my childhood.

Viitasaari is small and dead place to live, but such a 
beautiful town to visit! So now, I'll torture you all 
with some sucky nature-pictures ;D . I kinda lost
my own camera and borrowed one from mum's,
which explains the awful quality. 
Try to bare it!~

I saw my little brother Roope last time in June and 
damn, he has grown taller than me!! 
What a shock! 

Roope <3 

Mum and me <3 I have no idea where she's 
staring, though o_O.

I wish I had better camera, over half of the pictures
were unsharp... Better luck next time. 

I had best kind of book to read in the train while
I was traveling to Jyväskylä and back to Helsinki. 

Original name: "I child called 'it' "
I've readed this book three times already, and every time 
it makes me feel huge anger, tears and happiness. 
The book is real story of the writer, David Pelzer, whose
mother is alcholic and crazy, humiliating and torturing
him till the age of 12. And that's not the whole story. 
I really, really recommend it to everyone.

Allright, till the next time, readers! ~


  1. Arg mä oon lukenu ton vaan kerran joskus 13 vee :O Ja apua ku Roope on pitkä!

  2. Oon niin onnellinen ku löysin sen kirpparilta <3 Lainaan sen sulle äitin jälkeen, lupasin sen sillekkin :D No eikö olekin!

  3. ää, haluun ton kirjan lainaan heti kun Jippi on lukenu sen :D ja voi ihana Roope, se oli niin pieni kun oon sen viimeks nähny!

  4. Lainausjono on nyt sitten puoli vuotta :'D Mä lainasin sulta hei sillon joskus sen jonkun rikosdokkarin jossa oli kaikkia pimeitä pedarijuttuja, muistatko sitä? ... Tahtoisin lukea sen uudelleen :< Roope on onneks mieleltään edelleen sama kultainen kakara <3