Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome Update!

Hello there all you ladies and gentlemen! 
Nice to meet you all. 
You may call me Nori, I'm also known Ryhä-chan 
from Vuodatus.fi and ChiChicken 
from Youtube and Deviantart. 
As you can see, my hair is fabulous. 
And very important part of my 
ego. Well practicly it's dyed and cut to be 
part of my cosplay, 
but I'll update about it later in fall. 
Meet my pretty girlfriend Miki. 
She's running own blog and was pushing--
I mean suggestingme to have own too, after 
Vuodatus.fi fell down this summer. 

So you can find Miki's blog from here  ! 

First pictures of me were little odd, since I forgot
to put my earrings on! 
I love to wear big earrings, they're kinda
my thing. 


So we visited couple of recycling centres in Helsinki.
We were looking for some furnitures, but also jewels
and stuff. Recycling Centre in Hietaniemi had 
awesome room of second hand things!
We actually found couple of furnitures, 
but I'¨ll make proper update
of them later!

Sweet shoes, too bad they were children's size. 

On the way to Kyläsaari's recycling centre there was
beautiful statues and some kind of art-bike in 
Arabianranta. Had to take few pictures. 


Last weekend, instead of buying, we rented a table from 
Valtteri's fleemarket. It's huge place and really popular, 
since almost all the tables are rented by different people 
every weekend. 

So, we had six big bags full of stuff 
when we started in saturday morning.

Miki got these "look what little cutie! You're so 
pretty!"-comments all day. 
Who can blame her?

This is how our table looked in first hours. 
Most of the stuff was  cheap,  
except some japanese brand clothes and wigs. 

Miki having her lunch break under the table. 

Seller's point of view. 

We wanted to get rid of all the stuff, so we lowered 
our prices  11 o'clock. Table was already pretty empty. 

We got rid of most of the stuff. One bag is full of 
hangers etc, so technically  we had only one 
bag leaving with us from Valtteri's.  

Waiting for the bus in Vallila's bus stop. We were only 
photographing ourselves, but I should
sometimes go and take pictures of the buildings
around there. 

My style may be little dull sometimes, but the least 
I can do is to use  bright colours, especially
when it's summer!~

So, till the next time! 

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