Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First School-days

After three Gap Years not only me, but also my 
family & friends were really excited that I can 
finally start school. Since all my sweeties
are so supportive, I also got some gifts! 
Yellow leather bag is from Only. The bag, Moomin
Notebooks and overliner-pens were paid by

Globe Hope Pencil Box is from some Eco Shop, 
Jyväskylä. Gift from my friends. 
Cute, pink eraser+sharpener is from my Mother-

Recycled colour-pencils were also part of the 
Globe Hope Pencil Box-gift. 

I love all the gifts and I'm so grateful! <3 
 ~ ~ 
Let's move to first schooldays. 

On Second School Day, we went to spend 
a day in Villa Lill Kalvik, Vuosaari. 
It was beautiful place, big garden, old house, ¨
all near the ocean. 

We were slapping each other 
pretty long time :'D 

Next, we were supposed to introduce ourselves
in group and then one of the group introduced
someone else in the group to whole classes.
There were all new students of Uusmedia
("Newmedia", my class) and Photographers.

... Well, guys, I'm like an open book~! 

Next pictures are about the Photographic Mission 
where we had to make a random story.
I'm not gonna explain the story, just enjoy
of the pictures! We had so much fun! 
Models on the Catwalk. Front Hanna, left Jason, 
me on the right. 

Melvin: "I have an idea!" 
Jenna is naturally excited. 

Jason: "Draw me like one of your French Girls" 

It was a shame we couldnt be naked, since 
somehow all our ideas lead to that... 
Well, maybe next time 8D 

And Belle ends this post with (erotic?) style. 
I've got even more followers! Oh yeah! <3


  1. mooh mooh! olispa meilläkin ollu tommonen ryhmäytymispäivä :D

  2. No se oli kyllä parasta ikinä 8D luova amis <3