Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Animation, I love ya

Long and stressful fall is almost over. The secret project me and Miki have been working 
with since March is starting to get some results, so I can 
spend my upcoming christmas-vacation in peace! 

Anyways, our class was introduced with Dragon Frame- stopmotion-studio 
last week. One of the photography-classes was repaired only for stop-motion! 
We had little practise with modeling clay.  

Dragon Frame-program. It feels so easy and simple after 3DMax! <3

 Jenna as my partner.

The result of the stop motion-animation was like straight from Pikku Kakkonen, but it was loads of fun! 
We animated 10 seconds with Jenna, and it took 2 hours from us. Patience is needed, but I dont mind! 

We've had extra classes with Illustrator too. Our class is supposed to create own online-game, 
and naturally I'm in animators' group. Here are some character designs I've made for
the game so far. 

The unicorn Sateenkaari Seppo is my personal favourite. 

(Also by Illustrator)

Next update is going to be of Christmas, naturally! 

Enjoy of your holidays, sweeties!~


  1. HNNNNGH aina (suomex puol vuotta) halunnu kokeilla dragonframea, mahtanu olla kivaa <3

    1. No se on!! Ite en edes tienny tollasen kullanmurun olemassaolosta ennenkuin se esiteltiin, mut nyt oon In luuv <3 Vähän hotsittais tehdä joku lopputyö sillä, esimerkiksi musavideo tai jotain vastaavaa :D

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