Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunny September

Wait what, I've actually left Helsinki? 
Believe it or not, I took cheap buss to Tampere 
last weekend to see Ruuska's new flat and
spend some quality-time with her and Santtu! 

Few pics from Ruuska's apartment. Old and beautiful place, just what I expected!

My new earring I got as a present.

Restaurant called 2h+keittiö. It was full all the time, we were lucky to get table
without waiting!  

Cafe Europa that I tried last winter on my way to Jyväskylä, delicious breads! 

Kahvilla-cafe had many games to play! We all sucked so badly in Trivial Pursuit... 

We also took part of tango-dancing-event to protest homophobia all over the world! 

Ruuska took me to see the abandoned match factories in Pispala. 
Kind of spooky, but absolutely worth of place to visit!  

( heheh woopsie )

On sunday we still had time to test Cafe Runo before leaving. Once again, such a comfortable living room-alike place where to sip coffee and sink into soft couches <3 

Balcony where we stayed. 
I really enjoyed Tampere, since all the unique places are in walking-distance instead of using busses and trams to reach in Helsinki. And Ruuska was such a good host!~


  1. kiva kun kävitte <3 kauniisti oot tallentanu pieniä yksityiskohtia, ah niin tunnelmallinen Tampere ;)

  2. Oli ihanaa käydä <3 Veit niin hyviin paikkoihin että oli helppo kuvata kaikkea kaunista ;)

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