Sunday, June 30, 2013

Helsinki Pride 2013

Miki did my hair and make-up for 
Women's Party in Kaivohuone! 
I can't even describe how 
much I loved the curly hair~

Earrings are my new love, from 

My company Santtu and Ruuska <3 

After too few sleeping hours, we headed to Pride Parade! 

Santtu and Miki, Bag sisters! 

The Classic F(l)ag-Photo

Feather-earring from Glitter!

Random man was photographing me, Miki and Hanna,
but we forgot to ask where could 
we find the photos afterwards :<  

Miki's mum and her friend supporing us! <3 

Miki made a gif of this kiss, go check it out

Old couples, aawss! 

Whole groupie of the day~

Lotta protecting Nakki from hungry lesbians!

Outfit of the day, like Hobo from the 80's!

After sitting in the Hesperia's Park, we headed to 
Pop up Store Magnum Cafe.

It was the last day cafe was open, so we had to wait one hour
in line to get our design ice creams... 

Mine had dried strawberries, popcorn and 
marshmallows! Worth of waiting! 


  1. Aws~ Kiitos näistä kuvista, aivan ihania ;___;

  2. Eipä mitään, ilohan niitä oli ottaa, muokata ja postata ;) Ensi vuonna sitten!